Columns 51-100

51. 'Collapse' sums up Tribe
52. Looting, racism both wrong
53. Self-interest drives country
54. Teaching science intelligent choice
55. Expose can't get exposure
56. Do we follow non-leaders?
57. Do anti-American claims add up?
58. Is Petro replaying Bush
59. Sales have him seeing red
60. Big business behind it all
61. Fear drives Bush agenda
62. Morals deeper than religion
63. Our treatment must evolve
64. Nature teaches us lesson
65. Sacred cows mess up the streets
66. Is your butt trashing the planet?
67. Tell Dad you love him now
68. There's no humor in Hummer
69. Policy often led by bias
70. Feathered friends add joy
71. Stretching truth is natural
72. Company has no morals
73. Wait until next year, again
74. Does faith need history?
75. Canned hunting is no sport
76. Call law what it really is
77. APL is going to the dogs
78. Green lawns are a luxury
79. Democracy is tyranny, too
80. Seal hunt is barbaric
81. Who's fighting this war?
82. Man's civility lacking naturally
83. Let's talk about corporate integrity
84. Take risk, but have Plan B
85. What's bad about dog's life?
86. Even crumbs would be fine
87. Whose walk is it anyways?
88. Silence hides true feelings
89. Deserving to win is best
90. Philosophy- Any original thoughts?
91. Live whatever you believe
92. Animal cruelty big business
93. Diamonds not so friendly
94. Ending poverty the right thing to do
95.To care deeply is to hurt deeply
96. Shouldn't a Christian nation act it?
97. Are peons really least valuable?
98. Movie sparks healthcare debate
99. Smoking just as scary as terrorism
100. Mom is more than his truest friend

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