Columns 201-250

201. Portman's selfish move helps US
202. Accurate forecasts? Sometimes
203. 40,000 hot dogs at an Indians game
204. Fans and the power to forgive
205. What is cognitive dissonance?
206. Kitten killer was a coward
207. "I wanta be" moments are rare
208. What do you look like on tape?
209. Being a fan is like a part-time job
210. How much does owning a home really cost?
211. Being sure to embrace that one last moment together
212. Our baggage is easy to confirm with biases
213. Do any of us really have free will?
214. Crony capitalism increases inequality
215. Bracketology hurts NCAA
216. An open letter to Mother Nature
217. Prayer should be personal, not public
218. Why embrace huge CEO raises?
219. Americans could be happier
220. How to shop by political leaning
221. My gosh, what's going on?
222. The nation's lazy unrest continues
223. Pretty soon it will be black Wednesday
224. Middle class wages are falling behind
225. What are the oppressed supposed to do?
226. Clinging to the Browns and memories
227. How Bailey became family
228. There's no team in these sports
229. Healthcare system is broke
230. Three TV shows that annoy
231. Big business should pay big taxes
232. Stewart's common sense will be missed
233. Mythical independents aren't really the 40 percent
234. No the rules of grammer? Their easy.
235. 'The Donald' is horribly refreshing
236. Overdue for a long sabbatical
237. Questioning credit to God after Charleston
238. Is your phone changing your behavior?
239. There has to be a better way.
240. Supporting Sanders was an easy decision
241. GOP debates have been a bit of a fiasco
242. War and terrorism breed war and terrorism
243. Vacationing in the land of the inglorious past
244. Not just how, but why Clinton is losing ground
245. It's clear: Obama should appoint SCOTUS justice
246. Take some interest in interest and save thousands
247. We don't know what we don't know
248. Trump's claims don't hold up
249. Prince's passing and problematic priorities
250. Explaining the right-left presidential split

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