Saturday, November 12, 2016

259. What would it have taken?

Now that the election is over, I must ask Trump voters what, if anything, would have made the difference? Was there a tipping point when you may have realized you couldn’t vote for this guy from a moral or ethical perspective?

I sort of thought that the tape where Trump bragged about his ability to assault women and get away with it because he is a celebrity was going to be the tipping point—especially when women came forward saying he did exactly what he said he did. And that, of course, was after knowing that he was a cheater who regularly traded in wives for younger models and that he freely walked into beauty pageant changing rooms.

But there was much more. He was a draft-dodger and I thought that would offend military supporters. He didn’t reveal his taxes, although it was exposed that he didn’t pay federal taxes for up to 18 years. I thought that would offend every hard-working taxpayer. I mean, how can America be great if taxes aren’t collected to pay for our infrastructure, social programs and military? Conservatives throw a fit when poor people don’t pay taxes, but when a billionaire doesn’t pay taxes, tries to hide it from the public, you are okay with it?

He was sued for racial discrimination and regularly attacked Latinos and immigrants—wanting to build a wall and deport millions. I thought a more diverse America would reject such racism and archaic viewpoints. I thought Americans valued religious freedom yet he attacked Muslims for their religion. I He even attacked a Gold Star Muslim family whose son died fighting for this country. Many Republican leaders repudiated him and even Russia thought that was heartless. Russia!

Despite a multi-million dollar head start in life, many of his businesses failed and he had to be bailed out by the banks. Then he ripped off shareholders, while paying himself millions in salary, and often screwing over small businesses. Then he outsourced American jobs, and imported foreign steel as well as goods from Cuba. Why didn’t this outrage blue collar workers who lost millions of jobs? Why did people insist he was so successful?

If that wasn’t enough, he is a pathological liar. He lied so often that people didn’t even seem to care anymore. He was narcissistic, taking credit for everything while blaming others for his mistakes. He was a whiner, complaining about a rigged election and the media. Trump even vowed not to accept the results of the election, putting our democracy at risk. I guess people wanted to believe what he was saying, or just didn’t care if it wasn’t true?

Trump’s hypocrisy ran rampant, always in the name of self-interest—displaying no real principles or morals. Not a single major newspaper I know of endorsed him. He exploited every opportunity of society to satisfy his incredible ego. He even ridiculed a disabled reporter. He is a bully who constantly threatens legal action as a form of intimidation. And he has no filter and said incredibly stupid things like, “No one respects women more than I do.” Voters find no objectively or principle in their decision-making?

In a country where everyone is offended by almost anything, Trump voters are good with all of this? In other campaigns, even one of these transgressions would have ended a candidate’s future, and he is elected president?

It is not about Democrats and Republicans. It is not even about the Supreme Court. And it is not about being a sore loser. It is about a country that put this person in the most powerful position in the world.

The excuses that otherwise good people offered to defend this guy were implausible. It was like he had a cult-like following. The more people ridiculed Trump, the more people supported him. I’ve seen brainwashing, usually in regards to religion, and it seemed eerily similar. And Trump knew it . . . he could shoot a guy in public and not lose any supporters, remember?

I am just disappointed that this country has been reduced to the lowest common denominator. People don’t think logically, objectively or intellectually. And I don’t ever want to hear this is a Christian nation again—no Christian can rationalize their morality with electing this guy.

A Trump presidency, with a Republican congress, is a recipe for disaster. Healthcare will be ripped apart and replaced with “something terrific.” Climate change will continue unfettered, ruining ecosystems and environments. The rich will get a lot richer.  And, with less taxes, and more money promised to the military, the country will go further in debt. There will be no relief for middle of lower classes in terms of college debt or the minimum wage. With Trump’s vengeful arrogance, a war could be started at any time. His cabinet will certainly be filled with old, rich white guys who think like he does.

It should be awesome, just awesome.

Since Trump voters like when people tell it like it is, I am here to say I am thoroughly and completely embarrassed by outcome of this election—domestically and for this country’s reputation around the world. His election is several major steps backward and it’s not funny; this is not a game where we just throw someone new in there and see how it does. It’s real-life, with real consequences.

So seriously, what would it have taken? I need to understand.


  1. Well written, one wonders if a segment of American society went around the bend...the worse is yet to come...