Columns 151-200

151. Global summit determines fate
152. Don't confuse profits, morality
153. Humane treatment long overdue
154. Research issues for yourselves
155. Free speech has consequences
156. Recovery won't come overnight
157. Agnostic does not equal unsure
158. Inheritance welfare for the rich
159. We want "big" where it helps us
160. Take responsibility for health
161. Politics heading the wrong way
162. Tragedy shows good in people
163. End suffering; boycott veal
164. Respect everyone's graduate
165. I know a man; he's just an anomaly
166. Entire college system is broken
167. Bullying has become way of life
168. No one gets credit for this
169. Senate bill 5 is politics as usual
170. Science is real, no an opinion
171. Job search: Follow the rules?
172. Wild animals are not our pets
173. Get bothered; break social contract
174. We're bogged down by fear
175. Documentaries tell it like it is
176. Nature answers own questions
177. Seculars know good, evil, too
178. Taxes must be the same for everyone
179. Self-promotion fuels campaign
180. A moment can change your life
181. Genes or what's in the jeans.
182. Sky is bright, beautiful now
183. Call me, just not when driving
184. Know facts before opposing the plan
185. Sports: Faithful begets violence
186. Let's not repeat years 2000-2008
187. Candidates: Please, at least be consistent
188. There are limits to 'suggestions'
189. The big pitch job is ridiculous
190. Taxes don't follow opinions
191. What would you rather have?
192. Be willing to pay a fair price
193. Gun debate should not wait
194. Let's take the stigma out of entitlements
195. We don't like Congress, now what?
196. So Armstrong lied. Do you?
197. Remember: Chocolate has a price
198. Are you a carnivore or herbivore?
199. Soda's bad, but a ban is a bad idea
200. 200 opinions that not everybody agreed with

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