Columns 101-150

101. Who is the animal in this case?
102. Payday lending
103. Consider true cost of your decisions
104. American dream not for everyone
105. Trying times call for serious people
106. Traditions should mean something
107. Determine champion with a playoff
108. Candidates have him in a quandary
109. His only regret is in the timing
110. Like, he doesn't like the word 'Like'
111. Rich don't know we're in a recession
112. But we've always done it this way
113. Skirting evolution doesn't change it
114. Sport of kings is animal abuse
115. Referendum vote not always right
116. Who should decide end of life?
117. County tax opponents misguided
118. Too often we avoid asking 'why'
119. Palin pick shrewd, questionable
120. Who is really not ready to lead
121. Get beyond race and negativity
122. Campaign was a study in contrasts
123. Bailout argues against capitalism
124. Black Friday brings out the worst in people
125. Change requires commitment
126. Win at all costs cost too much
127. Pete is dumb, but he's lovable
128. True costs of burger not on menu
129. Grade inflation hides true worth
130. Recession might be good for us
131. Customer service important now
132. Respect is earned, not ordered
133. 'Green'once a year not enough
134. A dog doesn't belong on a chain
135. Animal cruelty is unconscionable
136. Instead of watching television, exercise your mind
137. What does racism really mean?
138. Second chance should be limited
139. Express yourself in 140 characters
140. American capitalism is broken
141. Issue 2 not about animal rights
142. Republican Party schizophrenic
143. Issues were decided by marketing
144. Decade challenging, rewarding
145. Healthcare reform is necessary
146. Democracy now for sale, cheap
147. Opposition to Obama is baffling
148. Little efforts by all have big impact
149. Hope can't create miracles for us
150. Inconsistency invites criticism

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