Friday, March 17, 2017

266. Trump is acting like a spoiled child

For President Donald Trump, it’s not just about power, it is the lack of absolute power.

As most know, Trump grew up in privilege. He had a head start in life that most people can only dream about. While his father showed him the ropes, I doubt that Trump has ever really had a boss. Even when his businesses fell into deep financial trouble, he was bailed out by the banks, which included a ridiculous monthly salary.

When other troubles arose, Trump was able to use his power, influence, and extensive network of business owners and politicians to get his way. He was able to manipulate the laws, political system, and the threat of legal action to get people to do what he wanted.

Trump’s remarkable run to the White House has also been without consequence. His transgressions were unprecedented not only for a presidential candidate, but really any politician. There have been many crooked politicians, but rarely one that began their political career with so much baggage. The more people criticized him, made fun of him, the more his supporters rewarded him.

There are only a few areas of his life that Trump doesn’t have total control. Sure, occasionally, a deal falls through or someone won’t sell him the land he wants. Companies don’t always do as he says, such as Nordstrom, who recently dumped his daughter’s clothing line.

But the one entity that has total control over Trump is the court system. It was like that in business and it is like that now, as it serves as a check and balance on the legislative and executive branches of the government.

Kids become spoiled because they too often get what they want, rather than what is right or what they deserve. Often parents give in to children to prevent a temper tantrum and other bad behaviors. It carries, of course, into adulthood and many of us know people that we have decided that it is far easier to give in to him or her than to deal with consequences of a childish battle.

What are the consequences? For the most vengeful, it means nothing is off the table. It is a personal or professional war that includes derogatory comments, personal and professional threats, name-calling and the threat of lawsuits. If they can’t beat you, they will belittle you, embarrass you, minimalize you, and attack your credibility.

Most people don’t want that — most times it is not worth it.

But the courts are different. Yes, they have become politicized in some instances. And yes, they have been influenced by society and difficult social moral issues. However, in the end, their decisions are final—at least for a time. Judges, like many professions, have a brotherhood and an unfair criticism to one is an attack on all.

When Trump lost a ruling regarding his fake university, he personally attacked Judge Gonzalo Curiel for being a Mexican and a “hater.” Trump later responded, “Even though I have a very biased and unfair judge in the Trump U civil case in San Diego, I have thousands of great reviews & will win case!” In the end, Trump didn’t win and settled the case, although he claims to “never settle.”

Trump then said, in response to the stay on a federal travel ban, “The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!”

Then after losing again in appeals court, Trump wrote in all caps, “SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!”

Trump can’t just disagree with a decision, he has to personally attack those who rendered it. When they agree with him, they are “very smart.” When they disagree, he attacks them with the worst thing that they have ever done or may have done.

Trump has also transferred responsibility of the safety of the country — which is his job — to what he feels is a bad decision. Now, if something does happen, it’s the court’s fault, not his and his unconstitutional ban. Trump could simply rewrite the ban, but he would rather have a scapegoat and an adversary. He loves life in the gutter.

Nothing is his fault and for someone so privileged, he is often treated “so unfairly.” These are traits of a spoiled brat, not an American president. His temper tantrums are quite unbecoming for the leader of the free world. His lack of consideration for others in unacceptable and any delay of immediate gratification is the product of a lack of preparation and the inability to take the time to understand the complexity of a situation.

Trump is unable to see the world in color. All he ever sees is his own reflection.

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